Twin Headed Vacuum Pump – ZW90V

Twin-Headed Rocking Piston – ZW80
Twin-Headed Rocking Piston – ZW100

Twin Headed Vacuum Pump - ZW90V

Max Flow :28.5lpm (1cfm)

Max Pressure Level :N/A

Max Vacuum Level :-960mbar (28.3"Hg)

Description :

small and low noise model, with reasonable price.

Model Number Open Flow Max Pressure (INT.) Max Vacuum (Cont.) Current at rated load Power at rated load Motor Type Voltage/Frequency Starting Current Net Weight
ZW90AV-26/-0.97E 26lpm (0.92cfm) N/A -960mbar (28.3”Hg) 0.65A 110W (0.15HP) PSC 220V/50Hz 2A 3.6kg (7.9lbs)
ZW90B2V-26/-0.97E 28.5lpm (1.01cfm) N/A -960mbar (28.3”Hg) 1.15A 125W (0.17HP) PSC 110V/60Hz 4A 3.6kg (7.9lbs)