We believe our strengths make GSE the obvious choice for OEM vacuum pump and compressor customers. The advantages include:
  • We work with our customers so helpfully and flexibly that it feels like we’re their colleagues, not a supplier.
  • We offer all the advantages of Western innovation, design and customer care plus world-class engineering and efficient manufacturing using Japanese state-of-the-art machining.
  • We intuitively understand what our customers need, and which product is best for their application.
  • We’ve found that the standard approach in our industry when it comes to sampling is ‘try this and hope for the best’ – something we find unacceptable. When we provide a sample product, you can be sure that we’ll be close the first time.
  • Our technical capabilities mean that we can adapt a standard unit to one that very precisely fits the customer’s needs.
  • We offer ‘drop-in’ replacements to make it simple and painless to switch to GSE from another manufacturer. That said, we will also engineer a product all the way from an initial idea to production
  • Our advanced, accurate machining capabilities mean that all of our products are highly consistent.
  • Although we work with customers all over the world, you’ll discover that we feel like a local company staffed by highly qualified local people.
  • And although we work with some of the world’s biggest brands, we value our smaller customers just as much.
    Of course, the only way to find this out for yourself is to try us. Why not give us a call? You’ve nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain.