Our Services

We partner with OEMs whose requirements differ greatly. Some simply want to take products from our standard catalog (‘off the shelf’); some require us to customize one of our standard products; and others ask us to create a new solution from their application idea.

Design From Scratch

Got an idea for a new application? We’ll help you specify, design, sample & manufacture your application – turning a great idea into commercial reality. Read more…


Our technical capabilities mean that we can adapt a standard vacuum pump or compressor to one that very precisely meets your needs. These adaptations range from the very minor to the major. Read more…

Local sampling

By producing samples quickly and which are close to your final specification, we can help you to save resources like time and money while getting to a satisfactory solution sooner. Read more…

Standard product

Given the many voltage permutations, we offer around 1,000 off-the-shelf vacuum pumps and compressors. We can also offer ‘drop-in’ replacements, making it easy and hassle-free to switch to GSE from another manufacturer. Read more…

Want to know more?

Talk to us today about your application requirements. Call us on one of the numbers below or email us at info@gseint.com.
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Hong Kong +852 2635 2285
Mexico +52 1 (442) 343 3172
UK +44 716 825015