We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 company.
As a leading, world-class manufacturer of OEM pumps and compressors, GSE’s facilities offer the very latest and best in design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Manufacturing facilities

Our Chinese plants include 3 purpose-built manufacturing facilities, offering over 460,000 m2 (4.9M sq ft) of manufacturing capacity: one in Guangdong, one in Guizhou and the other in Shandong. Together, they represent a combined investment of US$20million.


The machine tools required to manufacture high-quality OEM vacuum pumps and compressors are specialised and, as a result, very expensive and only available on long lead-times. We invest in world-class Japanese machine tools, including 5-axis/multi-axis machining centres from Mori Seiki which flexibly adapt to different workpiece types and production volumes. Our NV and NT series enable us to machine the very intricate impellers needed for the new generation of fuel-cell compressors, as well as special samples for key customers. We also have a large number of Brother machining centres for less intricate parts, running treble-shift patterns. We operate a small number of die-cast machines to help with flexibility on smaller part runs. The duplication of tooling makes us less dependent on our die-cast suppliers.

Motor production

We operate a separate manufacturing plant for our AC-motor production, enabling us to produce a wide variety of motor sizes, voltages and frequencies. Providing our customer’s volume requirements justify the set-up costs, we can produce custom motors for any of our vacuum pumps and compressors. We also have BLDC technical capabilities that have evolved with our development into the automotive fuel cell arena, especially in relation to our scroll-compressor models.

Assembly and injection moulding

Our focus is always on product consistency and quality. As a supplier to a number of significant US and Japanese brands in the medical and automotive field for many years, our quality standards are of the highest order. Thanks to our continued investment in assembly equipment and working practices, we reduce variation and keep tolerances to a minimum – enhancing both the quality and lifespan of our products. Quality and longevity in an OEM product are vital in order to protect your own good name and reputation, and to keep your costs to a minimum. We also have injection moulding machinery; some finished products require enclosures, and it’s easier to control the quality of mouldings by having injection-moulding and tool-preparation facilities in-house.

Volume and growth

Our significant investment in high-quality plant also offers huge manufacturing capacity. At present, we manufacture over 1,000,000 units per year – and we have ambitious plans for growth and development. Our new facility just outside Foshan will consolidate our manufacturing there, providing the capacity we need to grow our automotive business and other OEM business without constraint. The facility will also enable us to bring our motor production into the compressor-assembly area. The Shandong facility will remain, focusing on both compressors and finished-goods manufacturing and assembly.