GSE is at the forefront of vacuum-pump and compressor manufacture for the Chinese environmental market. We specialise particularly in the rocking piston and diaphragm, and working to a variety of pumping principles. All of this is important, because the dramatic rise in pollution-monitoring and awareness in Asia (and, more specifically, China) means that we’ve had to produce AC and DC versions of small pumps.
As a result of the demand for this technology in Asia, a growing number of Western gas-monitoring and gas-analysis companies have set up manufacturing facilities there, and we’re one of the main pump suppliers in this sector. GSE is ideally placed to supply local OEM assembly plants looking to source from a high-quality Chinese supplier.
We’ve been supplying Chinese OEMs in this environmental industry for years and have added a number of Western and Japanese companies to this list, for whom we engineer custom solutions and who have recently named us their supplier of the year.
So we understand the machining requirements for global applications in this sector, including sewage aeration, air sampling, gas detectors, leak detection, sewage aeration, vapour recovery, and water sampling.

Custom development

Our broad standard product range caters for the vast majority of applications. However, where you have a new application requirement, we can engineer the solution for you.

Flexible sampling

We’re determined to deliver the exact specification you require for your OEM application – that’s why we take a fast, flexible and exacting approach to machining samples for your environmental application.

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