GSE have been involved in many different industries over the years, and the variety of applications we’ve dealt with in each sector has enabled us to build up a huge knowledge base.

Custom development

Our broad standard product range caters for the vast majority of applications. However, where you have a new application requirement, we can engineer the solution for you.

Faster engineering

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the most common medical applications, we can minimise the time between product selection and final sign-off. We instinctively know what sort of product and specification will fit your requirements, saving you a great deal of time.

Flexible sampling

We’re determined to deliver the exact specification you require for your OEM application – that’s why we take a fast, flexible and exacting approach to machining samples for your medical application. If your application isn’t listed here, that doesn’t mean we can’t supply the vacuum pump or compressor you need. Also, do remember that the range we show on our products page is really just a starting point.