Design From Scratch

When you have an idea for a new application, it’s obvious that the solution isn’t already sitting on a shelf somewhere. You need a custom-engineering partner like GSE to help you specify, design, sample and manufacture your application and help turn a great idea into commercial reality.

Faster, more cost-efficient solutions

Most ideas brought to us by our OEM customers involve a variation on a theme we’ve seen before – and that’s good news for you, because it means less investment for you and a faster route to market. However, if your idea really is a market first, we’re the ideal partner to advise you and work with you.


Our technical capabilities mean that we can adapt a standard vacuum pump or compressor to one that very precisely meets your needs. These adaptations range from the very minor to the major. Read more…

Ahead of our competition

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we’ve been involved with just about every OEM application for vacuum pumps and compressors. And that means we can almost always find a solution a lot faster than most of our competitors.

A faster route to your finished product

We will meet with you, understand your concept from the outset, and discuss possible solutions with you. The next stage will be to provide an initial sample; because of our experience, you can virtually guarantee that we’ll be a lot closer to the finished article than our competitors could provide.

Want to know more?

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