Twin-Headed Rocking Piston – ZW400

Single Headed Rocking Piston – ZWS370
Twin Headed Vacuum Pump – ZW400V/S

Twin-Headed Rocking Piston - ZW400

Max Flow : 140lpm(4.94cfm)

Max Pressure Level : 3bar(44psi) INT.

Max Vacuum Level : -900mbar(26.6"Hg)

Description :

Excellent flow rate for its dimensions and weight. A proper "OEM" model that can be used as a foundation for significant modification for an application.

Model Number Open Flow Max Pressure (INT.) Max Vacuum Current at rated load Power at rated load Motor Type Voltage/Frequency Starting Current Net Weight
ZW400A-90/2-(3) 113lpm (3.98cfm) 2.5bar (36.3psi) -840mbar (24.8”Hg) 3.8A 510W (0.68HP) PSC 220V/50Hz 7A 7.5kg (16.5lbs)
ZW400D2-115/1.4-(3) 140lpm (4.94cfm) 2.5bar (36.3psi) -900mbar (26.6”Hg) 5.45A 600W (0.8HP) PSC 220V/50Hz 19A 7.5kg (16.5lbs)