Twin Headed Rocking Piston – ZW190

Twin Headed Vacuum Pump – ZW100AV
Single-Headed Rocking Piston – ZWS250

Twin Headed Rocking Piston - ZW190

Max Flow : 57lpm (2.01cfm)

Max Pressure Level :2.1bar (30psi) INT.

Max Vacuum Level :-799mbar (23.6"Hg)

Description :

The first compressor introduced in the 3L oxygen concentrator industry which has maintained a dominated market share since them, thanks to the extremely low sound level and power consumption.

Model Number Open Flow Max Pressure (INT.) Max Vacuum Current at rated load Power at rated load Motor Type Voltage/Frequency Starting Current Net Weight
ZW190A-39/1.85 55lpm (1.94cfm) 2.1bar (30psi) -800mbar (23.6”Hg) 1.2A 240W (0.32HP) PSC 220V/50Hz 3.6A 3.8kg (8.4lbs)
ZW190B2-39/1.85 57lpm (2.01cfm) 2.1bar (30psi) -800mbar (23.6”Hg) 2.4A 240W (0.32HP) PSC 115V/60Hz 7.5A 3.8kg (8.4lbs)