Twin-Headed Rocking Piston – ZW100

Twin Headed Vacuum Pump – ZW90V
Twin Headed Vacuum Pump – ZW100AV

Twin-Headed Rocking Piston - ZW100

Max Flow :63lpm (2.22cfm)

Max Pressure Level :2.5bar (36.3psi)

Max Vacuum Level :-860mbar (25.4”Hg)

Description :

With multiple motor options, including split capacitor, shaded pole and DC variants, this model is particularly versatile.

Model Number Open Flow Max Pressure (INT.) Max Vacuum Current at rated load Power at rated load Motor Type Voltage/Frequency Starting Current Net Weight
ZW100A-45/1.4 61lpm (2.15cfm) 2.5bar (36psi) -850mbar (25.1”Hg) 1.25A 250W (0.34HP) PSC 220V/50Hz 3.8A 3.7kg (8.2lbs)
ZW100D2-45/1.4 63lpm (2.22cfm) 2.5bar (36psi) -850mbar (25.1”Hg) 2.3A 250W (0.34HP) PSC 115V/60Hz 6.9A 3.7kg (8.2lbs)
ZW100Z12-30/1.4 40lpm (1.41cfm) 2bar (29psi) -860mbar (25.4”Hg) 9A 110W (0.15HP) BLDC 12VDC 20A (Protect) 3.2kg (7.1lbs)