Rocking Piston – ZWS100

Portable Single-Headed Rocking Piston – ZWS30
Rocking Piston – ZWS170

Rocking Piston - ZWS100

Max Flow :10lpm (0.35cfm)

Max Pressure Level :2bar (29psi) INT.

Max Vacuum Level :N/A

Description :

A skeletal unit used for a nebuliser or sampling duty where the product will be an integral part of the device.

Model Number Open Flow Max Pressure (INT.) Max Vacuum Current at rated load Power at rated load Motor Type Voltage/Frequency Starting Current Net Weight
ZWS100A-6/1.1 10lpm (0.35cfm) 1.5bar (22psi) N/A 0.8A 80W (0.11HP) Shaded Pole 220V/50Hz 1.6A 1.4kg (3.1lbs)
ZWS100F-7.4/1.1 10lpm (0.35cfm) 2bar (29psi) N/A 0.8A 80W (0.11HP) Shaded Pole 230V/50Hz 1.6A 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
ZWS100D2-6/1.1 10lpm (0.35cfm) 1.5bar (22psi) N/A 1.6A 80W (0.11HP) Shaded Pole 115V/60Hz 3.2A 1.4kg (3.1lbs)