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GSE is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of vacuum pumps & oil-free air compressors, supplying predominantly OEMs in automotive, environmental, medical, laboratory, beverage and other industrial markets.

In addition to exceptional innovation and competitive pricing, we offer our OEM customers the full benefit of our outstanding technological expertise:

  • We offer class-leading longevity in the OEM compressor field, thanks to our very tight manufacturing tolerances.
  • We manufacture oil-free scroll compressors with brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives/controllers.
  • Our core technology is the rocking piston principle, which has been part of our product line since the company started.
  • Our development of the oil-free scroll compressor range for fuel cells is unique. Combined with a brushless motor, this product shows the way forward in modern blower design.
  • We offer 'engineered design' from the ground up, and we know which pump unit is best suited to your application.
  • We share our innovative designs with our technology partners (such as Shanghai Automotive).


  • The rocking piston - GSE's bedrock technology. Reliable and simple in design, it allows for internal adjustment for the ultimate in flexibility. The rocking piston offers an exceptionally long life in many conditions.
  • The articulated piston - these oil-less piston units are suitable for use in both compressors and vacuum pumps. Strong, reliable, low-maintenance and permanently lubricated, they can be serviced at your site.
  • The rotary lobe and screw - offering a very hygienic conditions, superb efficiency, reliability and resistance to corrosion (providing the internal parts are coated). This forms part of our offering for the fuel-cell market.
  • The diaphragm - our highly efficient flexing diaphragm (membrane) pumps are well-suited for industrial, chemical and medical/laboratory applications.
  • Rotary (vane) pumps - these high-pressure hydraulic pumps are ideal in the automotive industry (especially for power-steering, supercharging and automatic transmission) and, at mid-range pressure, in the manufacture of carbonated drinks and in espresso coffee machines.
  • The scroll - an ideal OEM product for medical and automotive applications when matched with a BLDC motor, as we have done in our designs of fuel-cell compressors. The scroll is contactless, with very low vibration levels.
  • Turbine blower compressors - these run at very high speeds for use as boosters for automotive fuel-cell applications. The impellers require very intricate machining - and while very few companies have the machinery or skill levels to produce this type of compressor, we can.
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Our expertise and experience mean we intuitively understand what our OEM customers need, and will engineer a product all the way from your initial idea to mass production... Read More

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Our Manufacturing

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